I've just watched the newest Steve Steele video, "The Girl From W.U.A.H.S.", starring the very attractive redhead Nikki Rhodes. If you like mindless zombie action, this movie will be right up your alley. This was a custom video ordered by another fan, and as much as I love the custom I ordered ("Springtime for Dr. Mesmer"), I MAY like this one even more, which should give you some idea of how good it is.

Nikki Rhodes does a VERY good blank zombie look, and she manages to get the flat monotone down pretty well too. The best thing about her mindless zombie expression however, is that it's enhanced by spiral contact lenses. Any fans of spirals in the eyes are in for a real treat here. And the method of mind control here is a helmet (okay, so it's a collender :P) that obscures her eyes, so when she's commanded to remove the helmet and she responds with one of the most PERFECT monotone "yes, masters" I've ever heard, it makes for quite a powerful reveal when you see her wide open eyes with spirals in them. The camera lingers on closeups of her blank expression (which she maintains perfectly) in a lot of shots, so those of you who enjoy a good blank stare will find plenty to like about this.

Fans of pantyhose will appreciate the fact that she keeps them on for a while, only ripping them open at Steve's command so that he can go down on her. But before that there's plenty of mindless masturbation through the pantyhose.

And for people who enjoy seeing the hypnotized victims struggle and resist, the first several times she orgasms, she ends up breaking free of the control, only to be put back into Steve's evil mind control chair and put under more deeply. He tweaks the process each time until gradually it becomes permanent.

The close-up zombie blowjob is just amazing with the spiral eyes, as is the way she just lays there passively while Steve goes down on her (until she orgasms and temporarily breaks free of the control of course). She really is absolutely convincing as a zombie, especially during the sex, where she doesn't break from the zombie character at all, unlike many other actresses. There's one close-up angle in particular during the sex where she probably looks more like a mindless zombie than any other actress I've seen yet.

At the end Steve cums on her face and she doesn't flinch at all. Then she's ordered to clean his house and we get a montage of scenes (with plenty of closeups of her face) of her working around the house (naked save for high heeled shoes), never once deviating from the same blank zombie expression.

If you've ever liked any of Steve's zombie movies in the past, this is a CAN'T MISS movie!
- Madcap