The following review is by Madcap of the mc forum.


For those of you who have wondered what Steve Steele's zombie videos might be like but didn't have the money to buy one of his movies, then "Steve's Virtual Studio Tour" is the perfect movie for you. Short and sweet, it's also extremely affordable, but that's by no means indicative of a drop in quality--this movie's got some of the finest zombie action I've seen in any of his movies.

As you can see from the trailer, there are three zombie girls in this movie, though only two of them participate in the action. Also evident in the trailer is Winter Sky's very convincing blank stare that I found myself quite impressed with (and there's plenty of it here!).

The main sex act in this movie is a zombie blowjob, but it manages to carry the movie by its lonesome, because it's one of the best zombie blowjobs that Steve has ever filmed. The movie is littered with almost PERFECT "yes masters" (especially Sinn's, with an insanely hot balance of "sleepy" and "monotone"), and there are a couple shots of the slaves just standing around in a blank state, which I know appeals to many (myself included!). There's also a brief bit of girl/girl action, when Steve commands Sinn to have a go at Winter Sky, who just stands there staring straight ahead while masturbating and having her breasts fondled and sucked. If that's not hot, I don't know what is!

Never before have I found it so easy to suspend my disbelief and imagine that these actresses really ARE in a mindless zombie state. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you see three of them on screen at once, or maybe it's the fact that these are actresses who "get it" better than most, but either way this is probably the most convincing zombie movie on the whole that I've seen yet. This is a MUST HAVE for zombie fans, and at the affordable price it's going for, there's really no excuse for the casually curious not to finally check it out and see what they've been missing all this time.