The following review is by MADCAP of the mcforum


"The Spy Who Fucked Me" is the latest custom I commissioned from Steve Steele, and it has
certainly lived up to all my expectations and then some! This video delves into some new territory,
being something of a hybrid between a zombie movie and a doll movie. The beautiful Tina Gabriel
stars as an operative of the organization the AGENCY who has been hypnotized by THEM, and it's
up to Agent Steve Steele to de-condition, bring her out of her trance and stimulate her "back to life."

For the first segment of the movie, Tina talks in a flat monotone (and oh, what an accent!), but
she does not move. At ALL. She has a wonderful blank expression and a thousand yard stare as
Steve stimulates her, first with a bit of fondling and working up from there to full on sex. She just
lays there still the whole time, staring, and the discipline this actress has to make no reaction
during some of the things Steve does to her (especially the blowjob he makes her do) is extraordinary!
Agent Gabriel gradually begins to move, slightly at first, but eventually becoming more animated
as the stimulation increases.

Eventually it dawns upon Agent Steele that the only way to really bring her fully out of her trance
is to stimulate her ass, which happens to be Agent Gabriel's favorite erogenous zone. During the anal,
as she slowly comes out of the trance, she does plenty of VERY nice eye rolling, more than we've
ever seen in a Steve Steele video, so I know all of you fans of that will not be disappointed.

This movie is definitely a change of pace from the ol' "yes master, I will obey" videos, and while those will
always be my favorite, it's good to change things up every now and again. I'm VERY happy with how it turned
out, and I'm quite confident that if you like zombies, dolls, or just beautiful women with sexy foreign accents,
you will enjoy it as well!