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I just finished watching "Springtime for Dr. Mesmer" and it is without a doubt my favorite movie of Steve's so far. It could be that I'm biased because it's a custom I requested and he included every element I wanted to see (and then some!), but I'm more inclined to think it's because this is the most unique of his videos, as it incorporates the totally blank "whitewashed" look.

This movie stars the very lovely Stephanie Cane and the always awesome Sinn Sage, both of whom do a fantastic job! I probably don't need to tell you what a great entranced look Sinn has (and there's plenty of it to see here!), but Stephanie has a fantastic entranced stare herself (just look at the pictures!). In fact, her stare is so good, it was almost a shame to cover her eyes up. Almost.

What all does this movie feature? Let's see: hot girls making out, lots of entranced sleepwalking (with plenty of shots of Sinn walking out on the street) and just standing there with their arms out, zombie masturbation, a totally white-eyed zombie blowjob, white-eyed sex, plenty of "yes masters" and, of course, the great humor that you'd expect to see in a Steve Steele video.

Stephanie (playing a lesbian), breaks free of Steve's control when she's commanded to give him a blowjob, so he straps her into his "halo of forgetfulness" and cranks it up all the way. The resulting scene of her writhing on the table with a blank stare and culminating in totally white eyes is one of the finest things you will ever see in one of Steve's films! And as for the white eyes--they look amazing!! The pictures don't even do the effect justice. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other
hypno porn video that uses the white-eyed effect (if there was, I would've found it!), so for all of you whitewash fans out there, this is pretty much the one and only place you can actually see what that kind of thing would look like--in ACTION! There's still plenty of regular entranced staring as
well. Stephanie gives a TOTAL zombie blowjob with the white eyes that you just have to see for yourself! The sex isn't completely "zombied", because Steve said the contrast of the white-eyes with the mild enjoyment of the sex made for a really hot effect--and he was right! Throughout most of
the sex she seems to meekly enjoy it, but there are also moments where she just fucks like a machine, her mouth slightly open, wide-eyed and white-eyed, not saying anything at all.
If you like the white-eyed look--there is NOTHING else out there like this on the web!!


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Steve Steele has always done a fantastic job with his mind control movies. Unlike other "champions" of hypnosis fetish, it's apparent from frame one that he relishes and understands the entire theme. From love robots to enslaved superheroines he knows that there are many facets to the fetish. With brash and shameless enthusiasm, he has brought many of these fantasies to life with deft skill. However, one part of hypnosis, so prevalent in cartoons, comics, and fantasy, has never been realized in a movie; it was thought improbable and impossible, but, to the joys of fans everywhere, Mr. Steele has made it a reality: The White Out. (For the uninformed, the white-out is a specific mind control side-effect where the eyes of the lovely victim are entirely whited out, pupil, iris and all with eyes as blank as the mind that is enslaved.)

And while that's the big highlight of this endeavor, it doesn't mean that the rest isn't up to par. Quite the contrary, Steve continues his winning streak with trademark campy humor and razor-sharp wit and dialogue. Honestly, it's worth the price of admission just for the entertainment value BESIDES the sex. Again, I laughed harder with this movie than most mainstream comedies. Listening to Steve and Sinn Sage call each other gag-inducing pet names is hilarious enough, but Steve's dramatic performance is again worthy of commendation. He thrusts himself (pun intended) into every situation with bravado and gusto. He even breaks the fourth-wall on certain occasions. Sinn again does a fantastic job in her supporting role. Only she could steal the spotlight from Steve just by staring off into the distance and getting into sleepwalker stance. That's talent, people.

And lest I forget the true star of this show, newcomer Stephanie Cane. Beside the obvious fact that she's an absolute stunner with an incredible body (that we see quite a lot of, from various angles no less), she also spends half the movie blinded by the aforementioned white-out effect. Yet her performance isn't hampered in the least. Steve really puts Stephanie through her sexual paces by changing to new positions fairly frequently (my favorite being the "Mesmer Meringue". Try it today!)

I could ramble on and on about the little details, but honestly anything else I say would just be redundant and detract from yet another masterpiece. For fans of mind control, this is as good as it's ever been. For fans of "the white-out" effect, this is a MUST buy, no questions asked.