"Smoke Gets In Your Ass" stars the leggy Ria Rose as Dr. Mesmer's latest patient who comes to his new hypnotherapy practice in order to help her stop smoking. Dr. Mesmer uses her own necklace to hypnotize her using the classic swinging pendulum induction. Ria has a great "sleepy eyelids" expression as she repeats back what Dr. Mesmer says to her.


Mesmer tests out how deep her trance is by giving her commands to follow, such as taking off her dress and squeezing her breasts. He then has her sit down on the couch, spread her legs wide, and masturbate through her pantyhose. She gives a great entranced performance, her mouth slightly open and slack-jawed, and her eyes are always tilted slightly upward in a sexy way.


Mesmer comes to the couch and fondles her breasts and pussy while she passively allows him to touch her. She is then made to tear her pantyhose open and mindlessly finger fuck herself for a while. Her mindless zombie performance is particularly wonderful during this scene (just check out that blank expression in the preview pics!). Mesmer then comes up and starts eating her pussy, and she doesn't move a muscle in response. She seriously doesn't so much as flinch, and I particularly like how her hands are perched right above her pussy but are completely frozen in place.


He then has her ride his cock, which she does quite rythmically in cowgirl position while remaining a total zombie. Mesmer then conditions her to believe that his dick is a cigarette, and tells her that he is going to fuck her in the ass with it, so she will forever associate smoking cigarettes with the pain of being ass fucked. Ria moans in discomfort and pain while he fucks her, but she makes no effort at all to stop him. It's pretty hot how she is verbally resistant but totally passive physically as he fucks her.


Mesmer brings her out of trance and offers her a cigarette, which she accepts without any problem, so he goes back for another round of ass fucking her, this time in reverse cowgirl. These ass fucking scenes comprise most of the sex in the video.


He brings her out of trance one more time, tests her, and she still craves cigarettes. So he decides to have her "smoke" his cigarette, instructing her that when he squirts his "nicotine" down her throat it will make her very sick. She gives him an eneregetic blowjob while complaining about how "gross" his cigarette is every time she comes up for air.


Ria is quite hot, with a slight sexy accent as she repeats back Mesmer's instructions. She also keeps her torn pantyhose and high heels on throughout the video for those who like that kind of thing. And she makes a fantastic zombie, which you can get a good look at in the preview pics!


- Madcap