Hypno POV 8 starring Shalina Devine (and with a special guest appearance by CJ) delves into the realm of fantasy, having Steve going up against a blood eater (demonic cousin to vampires). The movie begins with the unsuspecting CJ entering a seemingly empty nightclub to apply for a waitressing job, but she soon discovers it was a trap. She wanders around for a while, calling out, and just when she is ready to give up she comes across a strikingly beautiful silent woman with bewitching eyes. She finds herself drawn into the eyes and is quickly under the blood eater's spell, her mind going completely blank. The whole time CJ is talking aloud about how her mind is being destroyed. Shortly she is standing there, mindless and oblivious, as the blood eater comes up and begins to fondle her.


The blood eater lowers CJ's shirt and begins licking her nipples, and then drops her pants and plays with her pussy. The whole time CJ just stands there blankly staring off into space. Occasionally she makes little moans of pleasure but is otherwise silent. Then the blood eater takes a sword and begins carressing CJ's skin with it before slicing her neck, killing her, and feasting on the blood. This is an extended sequence, taking up the first quarter of the video, so there's plenty of hot entranced female stuff here.


We then cut to Steve walking down the street and explaining how he has been contacted by the local police to deal with the blood eater because of his expertise in hypnosis (a tool that they use on their victims). He explains that the way to destroy a blood eater is to stake his wood into the blood eaters mouth, then pussy, then ass, and then make her ingest his semen. Steve enters the club and confronts the blood eater with his hypnotic device, quickly putting her under his control. It's really hot seeing the blood eater's hands go from on her hips as she tries to entrance Steve to falling slackly at her sides as he beats her to the punch.


Steve fondles her for a while as she stands there entranced (during which we get plenty of close-ups of her fantastic body), and her eyelids appear heavy, like she can barely keep them open. Steve has her kneel before him and suck his dick, which goes for about five minutes before he moves on to fucking her pussy. She moans in pleasure during this bit, and briefly starts to regain control (with some great eye-rolling right before she does so), but Steve puts her back under quickly with his device. Aside from the bit where she starts to come out of her trance, she doesn't move at all, just laying back passively and letting Steve fuck her, with her eyes barely able to stay open. Then he gets her on all fours and starts fucking her ass. We see a lot of side-angle views of this one, as well as Steve's point of view looking directly down. She's more active in this one, moaning and thrusting back into him. She rolls her head around, her eyes roll back a LOT, and her mouth opens and closes in animalistic pleasure during this scene. This chick seems to REALLY enjoy being fucked in the ass, and the fact that she was a totally passive zombie while he was fucking her pussy but becomes a wild animal when he fucks her ass certainly adds to that idea. As for whether or not Steve pulls off the final phase and destroys her, I'll leave you to find that out for yourself!


One thing worth mentioning is that Shalina doesn't utter a single word during the entire video. Normally I like to hear the women talk and acknowledge commands, but in this case the silence really works, as it gives her an otherworldly, inhuman presence. If Steve had told me she didn't talk before I saw the video, I'd probably have had less interest, but as it is, I think not having her talk was totally the right call. And for those of you who like eye-rolling, you REALLY don't want to miss this chick. She does a fair bit of it during the vaginal sex, but during the anal sex her eyes roll back so far her eyes frequently appear to be completely white. She does it VERY well!


- Madcap