Steve Steele's "Hypno POV 7" stars Kandi Kat as his new Hungarian mistress to go along with his zombie slave wife from POV 6. The movie starts with Steve breaking into her apartment while she isn't home and planting a hypnotic egg device in her refrigerator. The victim comes home and immediately goes to take a shower, so she pretty much gets naked right off the bat. There's several minutes of her in the shower, lathering herself up with soap and rinsing off.


After the shower she goes to make dinner, and is immediately mesmerized by the egg. She talks out loud, describing the way the egg makes her feel. Steve receives a special signal alerting him that the egg has done its job, and he arrives at her apartment to find her still standing in front of the fridge, staring at the egg with a vacant smile on her face. Steve programs her into being his "sassy, sexy slut", and she repeats back all of the programming to him while in her trance.


After she is programmed, she gets down on her knees wrapped only in a towel and gives him an enthusiastic, happy blowjob (which goes on for quite a while). What I like about the blowjob is that she hardly uses her hands at all--she just happily bobs her mouth up and down without saying a word or making a sound. Steve decides that his mistress isn't sassy or sexy enough, so he has her remove her towel and do a sexy dance for him.


Afterwards the blowjob continues, and this time he tells her to talk dirty to him, which is great to hear in that sexy Hungarian accent of hers. This time she uses her hands and sucks on his balls. Steve then decides he's going to fuck his mistress and has her dress sexy for him. He lays her out on the table and fucks her, while she just lays back with a happy grin on her face. After a while he has her change into a sassier leopard bikini and she rides on top of him. After a while of that he has her change into red panties and fishnet stockings and she fucks him reverse cowgirl as he spanks her ass. At the end he cums on her face, and she goes to bed with cum all over her face, chest and stomach with a smile on her face.


If you like that kind of placid, docile Stepford Wives kind of control, you will certainly enjoy this episode!


- Madcap