Hypno POV 6 starring Lucy Belle is the latest custom video I ordered from Steve. I wanted to see a new method of control that is common in MC, but never done in a Steve Steele video: the control collar.

After discovering he is a pornographer, Steve's new Hungarian mail-order bride Lucy is less than enthusiastic about performing her wifely duties, so Steve convinces her to take one gift from him before he leaves her life forever. She is skeptical, but agrees to put on the "traditional" American "wedding collar", which quickly turns her into his mindless and obedient slave.

Steve explains to her that the collar is going to make her his bitch, and she struggles to get it off to no avail. Seeing her struggle while he tells her that the collar is never coming off and explaining what it will to do her is pretty hot. She gradually stops struggling and her face adopts a look of slack, mindless resignation.

The first thing Steve makes his new wife-slave do is lift up her dress and show off her pantyhose-clad ass and pussy. He spanks her ass and fondles her pussy a bit before having her suck his dick. The blowjob is filmed very close on her face with the emphasis on her blank, wide-open eyes. He keeps asking her questions in the middle of her sucking so there are lots of "yes masters" during this scene. She also doesn't use her hands at all, and she sucks slow and rhythmically with her eyes wide open the whole time.

He then has her do some housework, and the way she stares ahead while cleaning, instead of looking at what she's doing really plays up the zombie angle quite well. Steve gets excited watching her clean, so he has her sit on the countertop and masturbate through her pantyhose. Steve then has her scrub the bathtub and just can't take it anymore, so he ends up fucking her right over the bathtub, interrupting her cleaning. I like to hear mindless "yes masters" during the sex, because if a girl can stay monotone while being fucked, it suggests a complete degree of control...so Steve threw PLENTY of those in there by asking her various questions and having her respond to him as he fucks her.

She then has to do Steve's laundry (and at this point the entire ass of her pantyhose is torn out), and soon she's laying back on top of the washing machine while Steve fucks her. Again, there are plenty of questions and "yes master" responses during the sex. Then he has her get on top and fuck him so he's not doing all of the work, and the blank look on her face is great as she glides up and down on his dick.

Lucy is truly fantastic as Steve's mindless wife-slave. She speaks a lot throughout the video, answering questions and responding to commands. Her voice takes on a drawn-out, sleepy tone when she responds to commands. Hearing her say "yes master" in that sleepy voice combined with her sexy Hungarian accent is incredibly sexy. The control collar may look somewhat cheesy, but on the other hand the way it pulses and glows green really enhances the idea of her being completely controlled. She also has her pantyhose and high heels on for all but the very end of the video.

Naturally I really enjoy this video since this was my custom, but Steve delivered exactly everything I wanted: plenty of zombie sex, blank stares, LOTS of sleepy/monotone responses to questions and commands, and sexy pantyhose. Those of you who are into the zombie sex are no doubt going to be as pleased with this video as I was!

- Madcap