In Hypno POV 5 starring Haley Cummings, Steve Steele hires a cat sitter to take care of his exotic hairless cat. He tells her a little bit
about the job, and within a few short moments he is hypnotizing her with his laser pointer. During the induction she responds with a
great mindlessly sleepy voice which is extremely sexy.

The first thing he tells her to do is remove her clothes and she maintains a wonderful blank stare. Once she is fully naked, he plays with
his new pet by having her chase the laser pointer along the wall, and seeing her large natural breasts bouncing up and down during this
scene is fantastic. He then "pets" his pet, fondling her breasts and ass while she stands mindlessly next to the wall. She responds to all
commands and questions with a sleepy, monotone "yes master" or by repeating the command. Haley definitely "gets" this and has the voice
and the blank-eyed stare down perfectly.

After he fondles her, he has her drink from the cat's water bowl. Then he has her play with his "jingly balls" and then suck his dick for a
while. She somehow manages to be extremely enthusiastic about giving him a blow job while still staring blankly (though at the angle of
filming you rarely see her eyes directly). I don't think I've ever seen that combination before and I found it to be very sexy. He then tit
fucks her (well, she does all the work really), and there's a wonderful side angle shot of this where her blank stare is shown off quite nicely.

Steve then fucks her from behind for a while while she slings one leg over a large cat tree. He then fucks her on the counter
and she just lays there passively staring at the ceiling, which really conveys her mindlessness quite well (and seeing her tits bouncing from
that angle is pretty nice too). But the best is when she gets on top of him, where her mindless stare and bouncing tits are even better. If
you liked the other Hypno POV movies, you will certainly find this one to be a worthy addition to the catalog.