In Hypno POV 4 starring Jade Hsu, Steve Steele of the Dork Squad goes into a new
customer's house to install a TV with a special hypnotic device. While he's supposed
to be working, she goes off to take a shower, and he spies on her from the doorway.
Eventually Jade sits down to watch her new TV and a hypnotic pattern comes on the
screen and mesmerizes her. Steve's voice is transmitted from outside while text
commands on the tv screen reinforce his vocal commands. He puts her into a trance.


While Jade is under the effect of the hypnotic pattern, she is a totally blank zombie,
silently obeying all commands without question. She always stares straight ahead
off into space while she's in her trance, and her eyes look super sexy (particularly
the way her hair hangs down over one of them). Often during her entranced staring
her mouth hangs slightly open, which really enhances the illusion of mindlessness.


Initially Steve has her fondle her tits and masturbate through her jeans and later with
her jeans off before he has her bend over the couch and fucks her from behind. Her
expression stays sleepy during the sex and it also looks like she's getting pleasure out
of it, but the whole time she comes across as a deeply submissive, controlled zombie.
It makes for an EXTREMELY sexy expression, and the fact that she never utters a sound
only adds to the effect.


He then has her give him a blowjob, and there are some slurping and smacking noises
coming from the act itself, but she never utters a peep or a moan herself. Occasionally
Steve will turn off the TV and she snaps out of her trance, only to immediately go back
into it the second the TV is back on.


Jade's zombie acting is a little different from most actresses, as it comes off a little more
sensual, which may appeal to some of you who don't get into the utterly blank zombies.
Of course, the fact that she's a beautiful Asian woman certainly doesn't hurt either. Check
this one out for something a little different from Steve's usual fare.


- Madcap