Steve Steele's "Hypno POV 3" features a different method of induction from any of his previous films: the subject, Kasey Chase, is hypnotized with subliminals while asleep (through a rather inventive method). As a result, her eyes stay closed for most of the movie, and she talks in a sleepy voice, responding "Yes, Dream Lover" to most questions and commands. For those of you who like to see the eyes open, she does open them briefly a few times at the end (when commanded to).

Steve's been asked by his friend Frank Franken to hypnotize his younger wife into appreciating her much older husband. Steve tests his control over her by first having her feel herself up and show off her body to him. A blow job follows, and Kasey is impressively able to deep throat, taking him all the way down. This scene actually goes on for a fair while, before he has her masturbate to get her pussy ready. This also goes on for quite a while--in fact, this is a bit longer than many of Steve's older videos, so you're definitely getting your money's worth with this one!

The sex goes on for quite a while too, shown from as many different positions as a point of view shot will allow. As mentioned before, she does open her eyes a few times for those of you who prefer to see the actress with her eyes open (I know I do!), and during those moments she looks completely hungry for sex. At the end, Steve finishes programming her and she falls in love with her husband. (Producer's Note: Thanks for ruining the ending.)

If you like the sleepy/dreamy kind of hypnosis, this video is very likely to appeal to you. And at nearly 50 minutes (plus outtakes), you're definitely getting plenty of it here!

- Madcap