"Hypno POV 2" is the second Steve Steele video to employ the white out contact lenses, and despite the fact that the first
one was a custom I had made, I think this is the better of the two movies. Sunset Diamond is the actress this time, and she
does an absolutely amazing job of acting completely blank and mindless in this video.

Steve wants revenge against a bitchy customer who got him fired from his "Dork Squad" job, so he tricks her into using a
mind-wiping device, after which her eyes are blank and white. There is an induction scene before she wipes her mind where
she talks in this fantastic sleepy zombie voice (definitely one of the best ones I've heard!). After being mind wiped, she is
completely silent and obedient, following his every command.

The eyes look better in this video than the previous one, partly due to the lighting and partly due to the editing, but the effect
is much more convincing here than before. It's also the way that Sunset moves--she gives the impression of a mindless slave
more than an actress being blinded by contacts. Sunset is also completely silent, with the exception of some primitive moaning
during the sex, and I find the lack of emotional response to be more fitting with the blank white eyes. She also usually has her
mouth slightly open, which adds to the illusion of mindlessness. If you've ever wanted to see what the "whitewashed" look would
be like in real life, this is as close as you're ever going to get to it!

He fondles her while she stands blankly staring ahead, he has her masturbate, during which the white eyes look particularly
good, she sucks his dick, and he fucks her in various positions. Whitewash fans do NOT want to miss this one!

- Madcap