"Hypno POV 1" is the third custom movie I've had Steve Steele make for me, and this is definitely my favorite of them all. I seriously couldn't be happier with how this one turned out. India Summer (a favorite of mine since I first saw her in "Mind Control Marriage Counselor") becomes hypnotized by a spiral effect on Steve's computer screen and becomes his mindless zombie slave.

As far as mindless zombie acting goes, India is definitely one of the best. She repeats the things that Steve tells her in a wonderful monotone as he hypnotizes her. And most importantly, after the induction is complete, she responds to EVERY command with a monotone "Yes Master". I've never liked it when the "yes masters" are delivered inconsistently, so I emphasized that I wanted to hear that acknowledgement after every command--which is exactly what he delivers in this video!

There's a HOT scene where Steve has India masturbate while he reinforces his control over here (making her repeat things like "I am your slave", "I have no mind", etc). Eventually her eyes roll up into her head where they remain for the rest of the movie.
There's a great noisy blowjob scene (before which he makes her suck on a beer bottle), a zombie stripping scene, some zombie housecleaning, zombie masturbation, and of course, plenty of sex (with loads of "Yes Masters" littered throughout--seriously, there are probably more "yes masters" in this video than ALL of his other ones put together!!). The vast majority of the video is filmed from Steve's point-of-view, so you feel a bit closer to the action than in his other videos. The downside to this is that there's no scene of her pussy being eaten, but it's a small price to pay for the kinds of shots that were filmed for the rest of the movie!
India is just absolutely amazing. The blank expression on her face, the way her eyes stay rolled up no matter what (in some instances she looks cross-eyed, in others her eyes look completely whited out, depending on the angle), and best of all, her VOICE! The way she responds to commands in that flat monotone is UNBELIEVABLY hot. There is no question based on her performance that she understands the elements that turn people on about this fetish.

Steve is the one and only producer out there who does zombie movies of this quality, and the only one who takes them to this extreme. I challenge any of you to find a better zombie movie than this--it cannot be done! Sure, there are MOMENTS in other movies (many of them Steve's) that have fantastic zombie material, but never for the kind of duration you get here. If you are a zombie fan, this is the MOTHER of all zombie videos right here! This is one you absolutely don't want to miss!

- Madcap