"Hooray for Hungary-Wood", Steve's latest girl/girl movie starring Sinn Sage and Hungarian actress Peaches, features a long sexy massage induction that most of you will surely enjoy. Peaches (with her damn sexy accent) is Sinn's ultra-bitchy boss who treats her like shit. Sinn (who looks super hot in her nerdy black glasses) has had enough so she calls Gypsy Swami Steve (last seen in "The Fortune Teller") who recommends a hypnotic ointment that she uses as a "massage oil", slowly working it into Peaches' skin and turning her into her slave by making suggestions as her mind weakens from the drug.

Seeing Peaches transform from bitchy boss to sleepy, glassy-eyed slave is simply awesome to watch. Sinn first has her slave fetch her some grapes, and the scene where she feeds them to her is a nice bit of role-reversal as Sinn gloats to her slave about how Peaches is now the one doing the serving. There's a lot of submissive "yes mistress" talk here, which sounds insanely sexy with Peaches' accent.

When Sinn commands her slave to eat the grapes out of her pussy, Peaches has a moment of resistance as she blinks and almost becomes aware of what's going on, but Sinn sternly snaps at her, making her fall right back into her submissive role. It's a great moment to see. It happens several times througout the video, and it's kind of hot to see that the only thing required to make Peaches obey is for Sinn to become more domineering and demanding.

From there of course there's plenty of kissing, tit sucking, pussy eating, and humiliating ass kissing and ass fucking (with a dildo.) For those of you who like to see girls giving blowjobs, Sinn pulls out the aformentioned dildo and commands her slave to suck on that for a while, before having her fuck her with it while licking her clit. If you like girl/girl sex and/or mind control, there's plenty for you to enjoy here!

- Madcap