"More Than Friends" stars Viktoria Diamond as the hypnotized victim and Matt Bird as the friend who wants to be something more than that. The movie opens with Matt and Viktoria sitting on the couch. She is wearing a sexy pink dress, and Matt is trying to convince her to take their friendship to the next level. She refuses, so he offers her a gift (a necklace), dangling it in front of her in the classic "swinging watch" induction method. Matt does a really fantastic job with the gradual induction, and Viktoria is great as she slowly succumbs to his efforts. Her eyes sleepily follow the watch back and forth and her resistance visibly wears down as he maintains his persistence. She breaks the spell a couple times only to have him come right back and quickly get her back in the trance. She looks incredibly hot as her eyelids begin to droop but her eyes still can't stop following the pendants back and forth.


Eventually he has her slowly repeating things like "I have no thoughts", "you will tell me what to think", etc, in a sleepy monotone voice. He finally gets her to say she will obey his every desire and tells her to put on the necklace. She speaks in a super sexy drowsy monotone as she tells him how much she loves the necklace and that she will do anything for him. He tells her that she can start by cleaning the kitchen, and she replies with a submissive and slow "I must obey". He has so much control over her that she soon begins responding to all his commands with a sleepy "yes master" without even being told.


He takes her back to the couch and has her kiss him, which she does in a very mindless and mechanical manner, with her arms dangling by her sides. He picks up one of her arms and lifts it up so it is embracing him, and she allows herself to be manipulated like a ragdoll, unmoving and unresisting as he gropes and kisses her. She responds to his kisses but takes no initiative on her own...she comes across as VERY submissive during this sequence. He has her pull her dress down and exposes her breasts, and he sucks and licks them and she just lies there like a human doll, responding to his questions but never moving on her own. She stands and strips at his command, and he kisses and licks her pussy while she just stands there staring mindlessly.

He then has her lie back on the couch with her legs spread, and she responds to his questions in a sleepy voice as he eats her pussy. She never shows any emotion or will of her own, just letting him have his complete way with her. Her zombie/doll acting as he fingers and licks her pussy is damned impressive--her eyes flutter briefly in pleasure a couple times, as if she's about to break out of the spell, but she always goes right back into her mindless state.


When he tries to make her suck his dick however, she manages to come out of the trance and tells him to get out of her house. He asks for the necklace back and uses it to quickly get her right back into her trance. She then gives a fantastic zombie blowjob, her eyes staying open and blank as she pumps his shaft and sucks on his balls. She takes him in as far as she can using only her mouth--her hands remain at her sides the whole time. For a while he's mouthfucking her and she's just taking it without gagging or pulling back in the slightest. There's a really hot moment where he tells her to say how she wants to feel his dick in her pussy, but he keeps shoving his dick back into her mouth before she can finish the sentence.


They then fuck on the couch, with her on top of him in cowgirl position, but rather than straddling him and riding on top, she's more collapsed on top of him, with him moving her more than she's moving herself. He then has her turn around and she does ride him in that position, but mechanically. The look on her face as she rides him is hot as hell--it looks like she is feeling pleasure but is still mindless at the same time. Her mouth often looks like it should be emitting loud moans of pleasure but no sound comes out except for the occasional soft whimper. He fucks her in a few other positions, and then has her show how much she loves him by swallowing his cum.


Viktoria's zombie/ragdoll performance is remarkable, and she has the drowsy monotone voice down VERY well (not to mention she has an incredibly sexy accent). There aren't many actresses that can do it as flawlessly as she can, especially while being fucked! It's pretty easy to believe that she actually IS mindless during some of these scenes. For those of you who like zombies (or dolls!), hers is a performance that absolutely can't be missed!! Here's hoping that Steve manages to get her back for another video!


- Madcap