About Sarah: Sarah H. Hamilton is an award-winning
author of erotic literature. She has published a
mainstream (but plenty of kinky sex) novel entitled
RATTRAP and has several more books in the works. A
graduate student in English, she is particularly proud
of her smutty word vocabulary and loves to elocute
phrases like "three shakes more than a piss." In her
spare time Sarah likes to copulate and fellate, and be
appropriately rewarded for her endurance regarding the
former and her enthusiam for the latter. Here is the
link for her personal web site:

Some words from Sarah: Dudes like to send me pics of
them wanking and blame it on my stories. So I thought
you might like a pic of me reciprocating. Of course
the dudes don't stand on their heads like I am because
their heads are in their hands. The best thing I like
about writing erotic stories is acting them out,
either before, during, or after. Hey, if I can stand
on my head and masturbate you don't really think I
can't work the keyboard while I'm getting it doggy, do

We are proud to announce that Sarah will be
collaborating with Steve Steele Presents on future