Hooray For Hungary-Wood 2, stars Sinn Sage and Peaches from the first installment and introduces Betty Saint in the role of Peaches' agent. The video begins with Peaches still enslaved from the first movie cleaning her house in a sexy french maid outfit. She gets a call from her agent about a movie opportunity, and her mistress Sinn commands her to say she's not interested. Peaches gives Sinn a foot massage and then is made to eat her pussy.


Sinn then comes up with a plan to hypnotize the agent with a special package. She opens it and then is put in a trance and programmed over the phone. Betty Saint has a super sexy blank stare and sleepy monotone voice (her accent is super hot) as she repeats her programming back to Sinn. But the agent has actually already taken precautions and sent Sinn a similar package, planting triggers in her in a similar fashion. Anyone who has seen Sinn's fantastic trance acting before knows what to expect here.


Sinn uses the trigger word to place the agent in a trance, and she and her slave Peaches molest her while she sits completely passive with a blank stare the entire time. There's a brief but particularly hot moment when Peaches gives her a kiss and she doesn't even flinch. They suck on her tits for a while as she just lays there staring off into space, completely oblivious and unmoving. Sinn makes Peaches lick her pussy, first through the pantyhose and later after they've been torn open, and again, Betty does a fantastic job of being completely 100% passive. Those of you who like that kind of mindlessness will really enjoy her performance. Peaches is then made to fuck Betty's ass with a sex toy, and at this point Betty moans in discomfort and makes a pained face, but she doesn't move a muscle. She clearly dislikes it but is powerless to do anything about it.


Betty is released from control and immediately turns the tables on Sinn, making her a slave. Sinn isn't entranced as they whip and spank her ass, but she takes everything they dish out in a very submissive fashion, moaning and crying out in pain as she is smacked. She is then made to take turns eating her mistresses' pussies. For the last brief scene of the video, Sinn is back in full zombie mode, sitting between her two mistresses while they talk about what they are going to do with her, and the blank look on her face is damned sexy.


As Steve says in his promo, t his video really does have it all: intense blank stares, zombie sex, "yes mistresses" (mostly from Peaches), pantyhose, beautiful women...it's hard to go wrong with a combination like that!


- Madcap