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It was kind of difficult to write a review of Steve Steele's newest masterpiece. After spending a long while thinking it over, all I could come up with was that it was very strange, yet very, very good. Honestly, that's all you'd need to know but I'll try and flesh that out.

"Sinn Sage and the House of Hypno Horror" takes the cake for the most long-winded of Steve's titles yet, but it's also one of his best movies, and that's saying ALOT. The entire piece is, from beginning to end, a random oddity of sex and weirdness that had me laughing and turned on, all at the same time.

Breaking it down, title character, and fan-favorite, Sinn Sage is in peak form here. It's been fun watching her progressively take more active roles in Steve's films, and along with co-writting the script, she delivers a phenomenal performance as the character she plays best: a sexy, lesbian seductress turned into a mindless automaton. And, she's got some really stellar scenes in this film (though the focus shifts away from her in the second half.)

Newcomer Ellie Idol, is a great addition to the cast, and, thankfully, and surprisingly, gives Sinn a run for her money with her line delivery and in her hot sex scenes. She's certainly a cutie, and she and Sinn have some explosive chemistry in their girl/girl romp. Ellie has some of the strangest dialogue ever (you'll just have to hear it for yourself) but delivers it surprisingly naturally. Good acting is a rarity in adult, and it's relieving to have solid performances by both female leads.

And then there's Steve. He's basically the Bruce Campbell of the genre, throwing himself into every bizarre and self-degredating scene with such shameless gusto that one can't help but admire his dedication to the craft. And here he's playing the role he was born to play: a sex-crazed zombie. Though, I'm starting to think he's desperate for any role that requires him to shave his head (it's okay, Steve; the bald spots aren't THAT noticeable.)

The sex scenes are definitely sure to please the vast majority of fans. Steve does a great job of balancing them with bits of story, humor, and dialogue, making sure that things stay fresh and interesting, thus avoiding the trap of drawn-out sex scenes. By intercutting between hilarious witty dialogue, different angles and perspectives, and fresh scenarios he elevates the source material into one of the most memorably shot sex flicks on the market.

And, oh, how the humor and weirdness work wonders. The cast is a hoot, even the secondary characters during the intro and epilogue. There are numerous references to horror films, that horror fans will get a lot out of. There's plenty of clever, anarchic humor which entertains throughout.

Overall, I highly recommend this one. While the mind control elements follow Steve's usual formula, the format and presentation, along with the quirky weirdness, makes the whole thing seem fresh and new. It's vastly entertaining. The girls are sexy and attractive, the story weird and original, the sex hot and diverse, and the dialogue a laugh riot. This is probably my favorite story Steve's done yet, and hopefully a taste of oddball fun to come. Highly recommended.


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Steve Steele's "Sinn Sage and the House of Hypno Horror" is probably his most bizarre film yet, and if you've seen some of his previous movies, that actually says quite a lot! This one features a glowing neon green brain in a tray, a sex-starved undead zombie, two mindless female sex slaves, and plenty of hot girl on girl action.

Sinn Sage plays a lesbian who has the hots for her friend Ellie (who's cute as hell by the way), but Ellie doesn't return her affections.
Without getting too much into the plot details I will just say that "something" happens involving the brain, and next thing you know,
Ellie is mindlessly dropping her pants and telling Sinn to eat her pussy. Ellie has the entranced look down VERY well (she has such big
beautiful eyes), and the expression on her face as she sits on the couch naked from the waist down with her legs spread is worth the price of admission alone. Seriously. If Steve had included a picture of that on the preview page, every one of you would be purchasing this movie without even bothering to read the rest of this review--it's THAT good.

Sinn doesn't feel right about taking advantage of her friend in her zombie state, but that's okay, because soon enough she's a zombie
herself! Then we're treated to some fantastic girl on girl zombie sex with some great voiceover narration of their inner thoughts. The rest of the scene flips back and forth between what is actually happening (the zombie sex) versus what they WISH was happening (really steamy girl sex). It's a great mix, with some good editing.
Eventually an undead zombie Steve arrives on the scene, having reclaimed his brain, and Ellie has sex with him, as Sinn stares at them blankly. (Ellie is still controlled by the brain at ths point, but is now very enthusiastic and able to express herself.)


The video of course has plenty of Steve's trademark humorous dialogue, as you would expect. Sinn co-wrote this one as well, and some of her lesbian dialog is quite funny. If you like mind control and hot girls having sex with each other, then this is the video for you.