The following review was submitted by madcap from the Mind Control Forum


Oh man, I downloaded this video and it is awesome!

Miko is hot and handles the entranced look really well! And there are plenty of those wonderful blank stares and "Yes Masters", as well as scenes of her enthusiastically doing Steve's bidding for those who enjoy that kind of thing. The scene where she goes from enjoying the blowjob to reverting back into the trance is great! It gives a little something to fans of those two kinds of mind control. I really like the switching back and forth in and out of the trance, because it really shows the degree of control. I would love to see more of this in future videos!

There's also a great scene where Steve goes down on Miko while she's in a trance...I love seeing a beautiful woman eaten out while just staring blankly into space! There's another great scene where Steve is fucking an enthusiastic Miko and she calls him master and keeps refering to her "slave pussy". Then he commands her to stop having fun and she finishes fucking him in the trance. I really love this in-and-out of the trance right in the middle of sex stuff and I can't recall seeing it done this well before. Another thing I really love is to see the entranced model actually saying "Yes, Master" in a monotone voice WHILE being fucked. You don't see that in a lot of videos (unfortunately) but it's done several times here! Miko did a really great job acting hypnotized and I'd love to see more of her in future videos!

Steve, this is one of your best releases yet!