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I just got Steve Steele's newest release, and it is quite possibly his best one yet. One thing I really like about Steve's releases is that he uses beautiful exotic models, and Daisy Marie may very well be the most attractive one yet. She has one of the best entranced stares I've ever seen, and the way she repeats commands and says "Yes Master" in her drowsy monotone is insanely sexy. There's a prolonged masturbation scene where she plays with herself (through the pantyhose and after ripping them open) while staring off into space with her mouth slightly open that is just AWESOME.

Then of course you have your standard standing at attention while being fondled scenes, and Steve eating her pussy after she is commanded to tear a hole in her pantyhose. Then comes the zombie blow job and the sex, where she does a good job of popping in and out of the trance (and there's a nice sequence where he screws her doggy style while she stares directly into the camera). Steve also controls her with a remote, for those who are into that kind of thing. But the main appeal for me is Daisy's thousand-yard zombie stare (and her sleepy voice) just have to see it for yourself to witness how insanely hot it looks as she masturbates herself and has her pussy eaten. She's one of the most convincing actresses he's had on the site.