Steve Steele's "A Friend In Need" stars Robbie James as a lovesick guy with an unrequited crush on his neighbor
played by the super cute Britni James. So Robbie decides to call Steve Steele to hypnotize her, and I won't even
tell you what the price for his services is (except to say that it's funny), because you need to find that one out for

Steve shows up at her door claiming to be from the "Hypnosis Health Center" with an offer for a free stress relief
hypnosis session. This time the induction is done by dripping water from the faucet, and he puts her into a deep trance.
It's a rather long, slow induction, and she is initially untrusting and reluctant.

Steve programs her to obey Robbie every time he squirts her with a spray bottle after giving her a command, which
is an interesting control method we haven't seen before. Every time he sprays her she is super eager and friendly
towards him, but he keeps escalating the commands, causing her to resist, which results in more spraying.

There's a strip tease while she slips into (and then back out of) something "more comfortable", plenty of fondling,
tit sucking, an enthusiastic blow job that goes on for quite a while, and of course, lots of fucking in a variety of positions.

The way she acts while under his control is probably most like a "love potion" kind of scenario, so those of you who
like that kind of control will be happiest here. She's resistant at first but every time she's been sprayed she's very much
into everything that happens. But the way things go with the escalating commands and continued need to spray, those of
you who like the reistance angle should be pretty happy too (in fact there's a bit of trouble with the bottle method at one
point requiring an upgrade).

Another great hypno video from Steve, featuring yet another different kind of control!

- Madcap