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Hypno Fucked 1: The Erotic Adventures of Dr. Mesmer
Performer Appearance: 9
Image quality: 8+
Content Quality: 8+

Stars: Jackie Ashe, Alicia Alighatti, Gina Marie, Steve Steele, Danny Ace, Ken Wilkinson, Mike Hash, Robbie James
Type of Action: Boy/Girl, Facials, Hypno-Sex
Length: 82 Mins (Plus bonus material)

Performer Appearance: Very Good to Excellent
Video Quality: Very Good to Excellent
Content Quality: Very Good, Genre Specific stuff is excellent

This movie obviously plays to the hypnosis fetish. Our host, Dr. Mesmer introduces his simple program to pick up women by using hypnosis. He promises to be able to teach us how to turn any girl, no matter how frigid, into a raving nympho-slut. It’s a nice set up for the action. (Plus it helps explain his clothes and all the cameras on hand while he hypnotizes hot chicks.)

Jackie Ashe is Dr. Mesmer’s assistant. She has no idea what she is in for when he gives her a hypnosis demonstration. When he is finished, the conservatively dressed lab assistant is perfectly pliable. He stands behind her, feeling her up and having her let him know how much she likes what he is doing. Jackie stays in character nicely as the doctor undresses her, plays with her nipples and lays her out across his lap. Playing into the hypno-appeal, he has her spank her own ass and jump up and down. When the sex starts he gives her a special command. He orders her to call her fiancé and alternate between talking to him and sucking the doc’s cock. She does a really nice job of keeping up the conversation while delivering a great blowjob. When the call is over, the doctor has her finish him off with a nice blowjob. He cums on her face and she takes it dutifully.
With the blowjob out of the way, he really puts her through her paces. Jackie has to cluck like a chicken and make other animal noises while he fucks her. Her hot little body responds to his hard dick and for anyone who likes the hypno angle, her antics will be a huge turn on.

Alicia Alighatti seems to be in a relationship that doesn’t make sense. She is a slave to this rather rude old guy who bosses her around all the time. When Alicia finds the doctor’s instructional DVD in the house, she goes out to confront him, gun in hand. One of his assistants, Ken Wilkinson saves the day and they decide to have a little fun with Alicia before re-programming her and sending her on her way. She remains perfectly still while they undress her, but comes to life when it’s time to suck both cocks. The pretty girl remains glazed over as she takes them in her mouth and gets them both wet. Alicia has a nice little body that is on display as they take turns with her in doggy. Staying in character very well, Alicia remains fairly blank as they use her and cover her pretty face in hot ball batter.

Gina Marie is a very uptight girl with some strong religious views. She is staying with her friend Mike whose pal Robbie convinces him that they just have to have her. After peeking in on her in the shower, the guys decide to call the doc and have her hypnotized for a proper fucking. He puts her under and toys with her a bit at first. She dances for them and then he has the young virgin taste her first, second and third cocks in a row. They let Gina be a little more active than the other girls so she rides on face while sucking the other two cocks. For a “virgin” she certainly takes cock really well and is pretty damn happy to be surrounded by three of them. The guys all line up on the couch and she works her way from one dick to the next, pounding her pussy down on them in reverse cowgirl. She gets fucked hard and then blasted with three huge loads of cream.

The bonus material is a blooper reel, some interview footage and some un-used sex as well as tease stuff.
This is obviously a movie for people into hypno-sex, but it’s also a pretty good porn flick. The girls are cute as hell, the sex is pretty good and even without the special appeal, I would find a lot here to like. The genre-specific stuff is even better. With such good technical quality and girls who pretty much stay in character we get a really good hypnosis flick. I like the lead up to the sex and some of the non-sexual mind control stuff is pretty entertaining as well.


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A few caveats:
* This is a hypnofetish DVD, not a hypnosis DVD.  The actors are all, well, acting.  If you're looking for real hypnosis, I'm afraid you'll have to keep looking.

* This is also intended as mainstream porn with a m/d twist, and as such has a generous helping of most of the trappings: m/f action, fellatio, intercourse, genital closeups, cumshots, facials, etc.

So what did I think?  I liked it a lot, and I have no problems recommending it.
Here are the specifics.  Keep in mind that much of this reflects my personal opinion; as always, your mileage may vary.

Payment & Delivery: 41⁄2 (of 5)
Paying online was a breeze; for those of you who prefer, however, there's an option to send payment by snail mail. Delivery was in five days, via a discreet cardboard envelope.  The DVD inside was packed in a hard-shell slimline CD case, rather than a (IMO wasteful) DVD case, or (worse) a flimsy CD envelope.  It was tastefully decorated with a montage of the model's faces.

Technical Aspects: 4
The DVD arrived in full working order. The main screen lets you jump first to a model, and then to a chapter (or outtakes) for that model.  And the outtakes were a fun bonus, alternately silly and sexy.

Editing was very thorough; I didn't notice any gaffes (such as a sudden change of volume, or a puzzling shadow moving in the background), and some of the technical tricks (such as when the doctor speaks in a reverberating voice) added to the overall experience.

The Models: 5
I found them hot.  All three of them were around age 20, skinny (showing some ribs, but not all the ribs--which is fine by me), and approximately a firm B-cup.  All of them had well-toned and generously fleshy asses; and while there were a few small tats, none of them had any large distracting birthmarks or unusual piercings.
Jackie is the slenderest of the three, and wears glasses for part of her scene.  Alicia is a bit plumper than the other two, and has noticeably larger breasts.  And Gina has *sigh* long red hair. 
All of them had fun, and it shows.  And all of them were able to convincingly fake being hypnotized, which helped maintain the fantasy.

The Action: 4
Steve Steele made the right call, IMO, by going for a mix of explicit sex and campy humor.  His Dr. Mesmer is so over-the-top full of himself, it's hilarious!  And the fact that he never makes a misstep or guesses wrong will appeal to fans of unrepentant m/d m/f action.

In the first scene, Jackie plays his unwitting assistant, who (once hypnotized, after a delightfully explicit and deliberately kacknotic induction) responds to every command with a very perky--some might even say chipper--version of, "Of course, Doctor!"  I don't want to spoil all the jokes and surprises, but I do have to say that I thought the scene with the cell phone was abso-effing-lutely hilarious! 

As a change of pace, we cut to Alicia who (after discovering that thanks to the good doctor's DVD, she's been the mindless plaything of a very nasty--and unappreciative--septuagenarian) pulls a gun on Dr. Mesmer, only to be tricked into gazing into a flashing hypno-ball and participating in some hot m/f/m action.  But the ball apparently doesn't work as well as the DVD; she has problems staying under. . .
Finally, we meet two stoner buddies who are playing host to Gina, a hot babe hiding inside the body of a born-again virgin.  After sneaking a peek of her in the shower, they persuade the doc to make a house call (How they can afford his rates, I don't know--free weed for a year? ), and you guessed it--after a not-too-short induction, Gina finds herself the guest of honor at a gang bang.

The Appeal: 4
Steve Steele did a very good job while working with a difficult mandate: Satisfy the mc crowd, while producing something marketable to the mainstream as well.  He does his best to maintain the illusion of hypnosis even during the hardcore action, by having Dr. Mesmer give commands throughout, and by having the models remain in character (as opposed to forgetting their lines in the heat of the moment).

He also plays upon the stereotypes of both standard hypnosis videos and standard porn, and adds a huge dollop of humor in the form of Dr. Mesmer's often-wacky musings and asides.