The following review is by Madcap of the mcforum


I just finished watching Steve Steele's newest movie, "The Master Debater", which definitely rates right up there among his best releases. This one features european actress Jennifer Dark (whose accent is insanely sexy), and starts out with quite a lengthy induction, where Jennifer stares blankly at a computer monitor and repeats back phrases in both Czech and English. Those of you who like long inductions won't be disappointed, eventhough most of the induction is under the innocent guise of teaching her English through hypnosis.


This movie probably has more sleepy entranced "Yes Masters" than any of his other videos, and only part of the action is entranced, so that's saying a lot! Seriously, Jennifer is only entranced for about two-thirds of the video, but Steve constantly asks her questions and gets her to respond with a "Yes Master", and the sleepy way she says it combined with the way she rolls her "r"s will keep zombie fans very happy, while the non-entrancement fans will have plenty to enjoy at the end of the movie, during the actual sex scenes.

This video features a very long entranced blowjob, followed by Jennifer holding steady in a position with her leg up in the air (and a totally blank face) while Steve goes down on her. She also wears her pantyhose throughout most of the movie, so fans of that will also have something to enjoy. And fans of girls in glasses will be pleased too--instead of the usual habit of getting the girl to take her glasses off fairly quickly, she keeps them on for most of the video, which only added to her sexiness. All of the actual sex (except for some unused footage in the outtakes) is anal, and she snaps out of her trance with no explanation when that starts, which is a little jarring at first, but the sex scene is really well done, and there's plenty of Jennifer talking with the accent and still calling him master eventhough she's no longer in a trance. The reason the sex is all anal is actually quite funny, but I'll let you
discover that for yourself. The video ends with a post-hypnotic bit of masturbation in front of a crowd of people assembled to watch a debate.

If you liked any of Steve's other videos (zombie or otherwise), you'll
definitely find something to like in this one!

- Madcap