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I have to say that this was a really good video. Jersey was great as the helpless victim and had great entranced looks.  I also thought the idea of the vampire & vampire slayer working together long enough to fuck Jersey was an interesting plot.  Something you would never see on Buffy!  LOL! I thought the scene with the mirror where Jersey was doing a "Solo" Blowjob was classic, and well thought out!  The coffin also was a believable touch.  Although, acting or not I don't think I would be as brave as Steve and lay myself in a coffin.  I thought the sex scene at a real cemetery was great too, and I'm surprised Steve was able to pull that off!  Kudos to Steve for being gutzy enough to do it. Lastly I liked that the vampire turns into a skeleton after it's destroyed.  Ok, it was chessey and the skeleton was smaller then that of a normal body, but rumor has it that Steve always come up short after sex!  Ha!  Ha!  Just kidding Steve! :) All in all this is a good little video, and Jersey gives a great performance as our hypnotized victim!  This video needs to be in your adult hypno collection.