Steve Steele Presents
Hypno Fucked 1.5:
The Curse of Count Mesmeroso






Steve Steele presents Hypno Fucked 1.5: The Curse of
Count Mesmeroso
, a sexy and scary mind control story
with explicit boy/girl action. The movie stars hot, young newcomer Jersey Jaxin in her hypno-fetish debut.

Jersey is tormented by weird dreams that involve a
shadowy figure, who has a strange erotic power over
her. Night after night he visits her and has sex with
her, while she remains in an entranced state. He even
summons her to a cemetery to have his way with her.
This scene was shot in an actual cemetery!

Jersey seeks the advice of Dr. von Gelding, who
determines that she is under the influence of a
vampire. He promises to help her by destroying the
count with a holy dagger. He follows the mesmerized
girl to the vampire's castle, but once there he
himself succombs to the creature's persuasive evil and
turns on the innocent girl, taking advantage of her

Hypno Fucked 1.5 is an entertaining and sexy homage to old time vampire movies. 25 minute story plus 20
minutes of extras: bonus scenes, bloopers, and behind
the scenes footage.

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PLEASE NOTE: No one was actually hypnotized at any time during the making of this video. All sexual activity was consensual. The video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality. Steve Steele Presents does not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.



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