"The Collective, LLP" is another custom I had made by Steve Steele, so I'm admittedly a bit biased when I tell you I
absolutely loved it, but this is primarily because he gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for. For me, the hottest thing
about a hypno video with multiple girls isn't seeing a threesome, or a foursome or a moresome--it's seeing the other girl(s)
standing or sitting there blank eyed and staring off into space, seemingly oblivious to the other girl being fucked merely a
few feet away. And this video has PLENTY of that.

Leanna Sweet and Tanja Teen both have insanely sexy, amazing stares (I can't decide which I like better--just when I think
one girl has mastered it PERFECTLY I'll see a shot of the other girl that I like just as well if not better), as well as sexy
Eastern European accents. There is something awesome about hearing a "yes master" in that accent, and there are plenty
of them throughout this video. There's also plenty of standing at attention and staring off into space, either while being
fondled by Steve or the other girl, or while just waiting for their next command. Some girls in previous videos have done the
whole zombie thing, but you can kind of tell that they don't really "get" it. But let me tell you, the way these girls stare into space,
the way they say their flat "yes masters", the way they stand at attention--it's very clear that both of them "get" what it is about
the fetish that turns people on.

The induction is a bit of a mystery, in that we don't actually SEE it (it all happens behind a closed door and we just hear noises),
but that's the way I wanted it in this one. Sometimes I find it more erotic when you don't EXACTLY know just HOW the girl's mind
was taken over--one minute you see her acting normally, then next thing you know she's taken away, and when next we see her,
she's been transformed. That's the kind of thing I wanted to see here.

There are scenes where the slaves are commanded to play with each others pussies, and whichever one is being played with
maintains an absolute stonewall blank expression the whole time. One of the hottest moments in the whole video is during the
blowjob, where they both kneel on the couch to either side of Steve, taking turns sucking on his dick. While one of them sucks,
the other one kneels in a bowing position and stares straight ahead merely inches away. The looks on their faces during this
scene are INCREDIBLY hot. Then Steve fucks each girl on the couch while the other one sits off to the side and stares, mindlessly
awaiting her turn. The camerawork for those scenes is particularly good, showing us plenty of different angles that show off
not only the blank-eyed zombie stare of the girl currently being fucked, but showing us the other girl staring in the background
or off to the side as well. Same goes for the anal scenes at the end--I'm particularly impressed that they maintained such blank
expressions throughout all of the sex (especially the anal).

Both of these girls are absolutely gorgeous, with beautifully perfect bodies, sexy accents, amazing stares...this really is the
ULTIMATE zombie video, and the way the premise of it breaks the fourth wall really helps with the suspension of disbelief
that it's real. If you are any kind of zombie fan at all (especially of seeing the mindless standing and staring), this is a
MUST-HAVE video. Don't let the lack of visible induction scare you off if that bothers you--it really does fit the concept of the
video to have the induction be a mystery. I have NEVER seen two girls in a zombie video who have both performed THIS well
together. It's usually that one is great and the other is so-so or disappointing, but that couldn't be further from the case here!
If you get this video and like it, by all means, LET STEVE KNOW!! He might turn this concept into a new mini-series or something
if he knows there's enough interest in it!

- Madcap