The following review is by MADCAP from the MC Forum.


You know, I don't want to just keep saying that Steve Steele's latest
release is "possibly his best yet", because after a while it's all
going to sound like empty rhetoric, right? However, I just finished watching
his newest hypnosis fetish video, "The Cheerleader", and it quite
possibly is his best yet. Steve continues to outdo himself by
finding a variety of attractive models and throwing in little
variations on the hypnosis theme to keep spicing things up from video to video.
When the man's movies keep consistently improving, what else can you

One of the things I love about watching all of Steve's different hypno
videos is seeing how different actresses perform during the "zombie"
stuff when they're pretending to be completely entranced. Each actress puts her
own unique interpretation on how a mindless, hypnotized zombie girl
would act. One of my favorite interpretations so far is Sierra Sinn in
this video. She totally jumps into it feet first, and it's pretty easy to
suspend your disbelief while watching her in action. She has a KILLER deadpan
blank stare (see the pictures!) that just doesn't break, and her "Yes
Masters" and entranced repetitions of commands are fantastic. Zombie
fans will NOT want to miss out on this one.


Not only is Sierra a wonderful zombie actress, but Franchezca Valentina gives a wonderful
performance as a zombie robot herself; throughout the whole video, she
never utters a word, just stares off blankly (albeit with shades on,
but her expression never changes) and immediately obeys every command
given. So this video has all your zombie angles covered!

One of my favorite things about a two-girl video (aside from the
obvious fact of getting to see them play with each other) is that while one
girl is commanded to do something, you'll sometimes see the other girl off
on the side standing/sitting at attention and staring off into space while
waiting for a command. This really drives home the "zombified" nature
of the control, and it's something I find very erotic, and very well
handled here.

I'm not going to give you a complete plot rundown of this video
(because you should see for yourself!), but I will highlight five of my favorite
things about it (in no particular order):

1) There is plenty of wonderful zombie sex here. Early
on, Dr. Mesmer is testing his trigger control phrases on his lab
assistant/robot, and there's an incredible zombie blowjob scene which
continues while Dr. Mesmer receives a phone call...the zombie continues
sucking throughout the entire phone conversation...very hot! Later,
Sierra's deadpan zombie stare is amazingly erotic while she is riding
Mesmer's cock and while she is having her pussy eaten by Franchezca.

2) Zombie talking. Now I'm a bit extreme and I can ALWAYS use some more
zombie talking no matter how much there is, but there's almost enough
here to even keep me satisfied. Mesmer asks his new cheerleader slave
several questions while she is sucking and fucking him, prompting her
to respond "Yes Master" while mindlessly carrying on with her task. She
also repeats many of her commands in a tranced-out zombie voice before
performing them, and best of all, there is even a totally unenthusiastic
monotone ZOMBIE CHEER!

3) This video makes great use of trigger phrases. For those of you who
like to see not one but TWO lovely actresses hopping to obey commands
via pre-programmed trigger phrases, this video will leave you very
pleased. Mesmer uses the trigger phrases at several points during sex,
and you get to see both girls switch positions or actions in unison.

4) In one of the hottest scenes Steve has EVER filmed, Mesmer commands
both of his slaves to "play with their pussies", at which point they
kneel and masturbate side-by-side while staring blankly into space. And
fortunately it doesn't cut away too soon; the camera stays on them for
a good long while as they masturbate. Also, Mesmer gives Sierra phrases to
repeat while she masturbates, which she does in a wonderful monotone.
This is one of my absolute favorite scenes in ANY of Steve's videos!

5) The cheerleader outfit. Some of you may disagree with me about this,
but I often get bored by those videos where the actress strips out of
her clothes into full nudity inside the first five minutes of the
video. The fact of the matter is, cheerleader outfits are sexy, and Steve must
have been keenly aware of that as well, because Sierra never completely
removes it throughout the whole video! Sierra is a very sexy actress,
but she is made even SEXIER by the fact that she's wearing the
cheerleader outfit. Now before anyone gets needlessly discouraged, I
will tell you that she does have the sweater lifted to expose her
breasts (as in the pictures), so it's not like you're getting gypped
out of seeing "the good stuff". Also, in contrast, Franchezca remains fully
nude throughout much of the video. But I personally felt the video was
made MUCH hotter for the fact that the sexy outfit never came
completely off, and I'd love to see more of that kind of thing in future videos!

If you've never bought any of Steve's videos, or if you've only bought
one or two here and there, you DEFINITELY don't want to miss out on
this one! Especially if you're any kind of mindless zombie fan! Give it a
try--there's no WAY this one will disappoint!

- Madcap