The following review is by madcap, distinguished member of the mcforum :

This release is a little different from Steve's usual fare (which I will explain below), and it stars Desiree Diamond, a very beautiful black girl, continuing Steve's welcome trend of featuring actresses of various ethnicities in his videos. This video features plenty of zombie and non-zombie sex, a zombie and non-zombie blowjob scene, and some zombie masturbation.

The way this film differs from Steve's past videos is that it sort of breaks the fourth wall, with Steve as the director, the cameraman, and in a sense the camera itself being characters in the video. The premise is that Steve has gotten tired of doing fake hypnosis videos so he's going to hypnotize a girl for real and get her to work for free. There's plenty of dialogue that refers to this plan, particularly right in front of Desiree while she is hypnotized, so that makes it easier to suspend your disbelief that she's actually under. So this video may appeal more to the "real hypnosis" crowd than Steve's other videos.

Desiree has a decent entranced look and she does an EXCELLENT job of instantly switching back and forth between entranced zombie sex and "really into it" sex. There are two blowjob scenes, one entranced and one post-hypno, but during the entranced blowjob Steve and the cameraman talk about their plan and what a zombie blowjob is like while she continues to suck with a blank expression on her face, so I know some of you will dig that. And fans of the switching back and forth will be very happy with how well she handles that.

My favorite part of the video is probably the solo masturbation scene at the end, because she's totally in a trance the whole time, and it also features some programmed behavior (she is to masturbate for a webcam for a half hour every two hours). The look on her face during this scene makes the video worth the cost of admission alone, if you ask me.

So for anyone who's not into the "fake hypnosis" videos but has never actually tried one of Steve's, you might want to give this one a chance. It has a longer induction than many of Steve's other videos, and the entire nature of the premise makes it a little easier to believe that it's real.