Steve Steele Presents
T The Audition

Steve Steele Presents The Audition, starring the dazzling Desiree Diamond as a gorgeous Hollywood starlet who thinks she's audtioning for the latest mainstream blockbuster.

In reality Steve has placed a fake audition notice in a Tinsel Town trade paper in an attempt to lure unsuspecting actresses into his hypnotic clutches. Once under his spell he uses them as free labor in his adult productions.


This episode features a sleeping induction, as well as entranced sex and sex while under post hypnotic suggestion.


Running time: 55 minutes! With 15 minutes of outtakes, interviews and behind the scenes footage.


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PLEASE NOTE: No one was actually hypnotized at any time during the making of this video. All sexual activity was consensual. The video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality. Steve Steele Presents does not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.




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