"The Assassin From W.U.A.H.S." is the long-awaited sequel of the spiral-eyed masterpiece "The Girl From
W.U.A.H.S.", and it certainly does not disappoint. In many ways it's even better than the original. Soon-to-be
Penthouse Pet Jessi Palmer (July 2010) plays the assassin sent to kill Steve Steele for his role in enslaving
women with his hypno devices.

She takes an anti-hypnosis pill and breaks into Steve's panic room, where his bodyguard has been lying in
wait with a special new hypno device. He uses it on her and it eventually overcomes the power of her protective
pill. Soon her eyes are wide open spirals and she is his obedient slave. There's a dramatic reveal of the spirals
after the bodyguard conditions her (though not quite as dramatic as in the first movie), and I have to say that
the contacts look MUCH better in the sequel. Because of the bright lighting conditions, they are CLEARLY
visible at all times, as opposed to the first movie where they were often lost in the shadows. This actress also
has large pretty eyes that she keeps WIDE open once the spirals are in effect. Jessi is very conscious that people
watching will want to see her eyes, particularly during the blowjob scene.

Another nice touch in this movie is that because of the anti-hypnosis pill, she still has some ability for free
thought (occasionally), so we hear dubbed voice-overs of what's going through her head at certain points in
the movie. It also allows for her to resist here and there and break free momentarily, only to be brought back
into full zombie trance by another dose of the hypno device.

Steve's bodyguard wastes no time, having her give him a blowjob immediately after she's under his control.
She keeps her eyes wide open for much of this scene, and the lighting and angle of the shots gives us a much
better view of her eyes during the blowjob than the previous W.U.A.H.S. video did. He also asks her plenty of
questions, to which her reply is always a monotone "yes master" (and one with his dick still in her mouth.)
She really does look completely and convincingly mindless during this scene. This blowjob scene lasts a good
long time, and even morphs into a pantyhose 69, which works for me since it's my favorite scene in the video.

Jessi's take on being a mindless zombie is that when she's not actively doing something, she's vaguely limp
(see the pictures where she leans against the wall during the induction, barely able to prop herself up). Steve's
bodyguard then goes down on his slave while she lies back staring at the ceiling. She passively expresses pleasure
with some slight moaning, but it never comes across that she has a mind of her own. He then fucks her for
a while and she just passively lays on her back on the couch holding her legs apart and in the air. She then
fucks him reverse cowgirl for a while, and the blank look on her face with those spiraled eyes is awesome.
Then he fucks her doggie style for a while. You probably see her spiral eyes the least (and she moans the most)
in this position, though there are a few brief but wonderful shots of them.

There's another brief blowjob scene at the very end with some of the best views of her eyes in the whole video.
At the end she's laying there cuddling with him staring mindlessly as he sleeps, while you hear a voice over of
what's going through her mind. I won't spoil the ending, but it definitely appears that there's going to be another
film in this series.

It's probably also worth mentioning that her pantyhose stay on for the entire video (there's just a huge hole ripped
in the crotch), and her black dress stays partially on (just bunched around her waist) the whole time. If you liked
the first W.U.A.H.S. video, this one gives you even more spiral-eyed scenes to enjoy, and the actress does a great
job of portraying a mindless slave. This series is just getting better and better.