The following review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum.


If you enjoyed Steve Steele's previous bimbofication movie (or bunnification movie, as the case may be), then you're certainly going to enjoy
"The Wet Dream Before Christmas". Natalie Norton plays Hugh Hypno's accountant who's helping with the merger of Hyp's and former
rival Bob Coochioli's magazines. After taking a celebratory hit off Hyp's special pipe, she becomes just another bunny bimbo for Hyp
and Cooch to have their way with.
Natalie is very convincing with the giggly cute way she delivers her lines, and she's got a fantastic body,
which you will get to see plenty of in this video (though she keeps a lot of her hypno bunny accessories on during the sex, which I was
glad to see).

After her transformation, she sits on Cooch's face giggling while he "tickles" her with his tongue through her pantyhose. Throughout the
rest of the video, one of the porn publishers is always fucking her while she's blowing the other, so if you prefer that two-on-one kind of
scenario, you should enjoy this one more than the first film. And of course at the end there's a messy facial that they sprinkle nutmeg
onto. Throughout all the sex, Natalie will often say things like "Barbie likes this!" in a cute voice, referring to whatever sexual act is taking
place at the time.

The movie features the usual trademark Steve Steele puns, most based around the holiday theme, and they definitely had me chuckling.
Don't wait for the holidays to check this one out! If you're into bimbofication, (or pantyhose) you should absolutely enjoy this!