This review is by Trishbot:

Mind Control seems like a small pool to draw inspiration from. I've seen countless videos and pics of the same routines and it got old pretty fast. Surprisingly, Steve Steele's videos have proven to be the wonderful exception with clever stories and original ideas. That trend continues with Mind Control Marriage Counsellor.

Steve's videos are head and shoulder's above even the most ardent of mind control films due to their uncanny pacing and witty dialogue. They have always been very self-aware, and he plays that aspect to great effect. Once again we have a video that I couldn't even masturbate through because I was falling on my ass laughing. Honestly, this stuff is funnier than the vast majority of the stuff Hollywood produces.

The story (which most people would ignore and fast forward to the sex scenes) is actually rather compelling and absolutely hilarious. For one, there's two Steves... well, actually, there's three Steves, but I'll get to that. There's Steve as "Steve", the repressed, timid husband. There's "Dr. Mesmer", that mischevious, oversexed "quack" we've all come to know and love. And there's "black Steve", played by Dick James, which is another one of those witty twists that comes into play after an incredibly awkward and hilarious encounter with a mailman. To say too much would ruin much of the humor and surprise, but it leads to some rather clever trasitions (I'll admit I actually thought Steve turned black for a second... had to do a double-take at his cock...)

Steve's videos have always had very sexy models, and this one is no exception. India Summers does a remarkable job in the lead role (as the "laziest bitch who ever lived"). She's very attractive with an athletic body and seems very much like the "hot wife next door" type. But people ultimately get these films for the mind control scenes, and the actress can either make or break it on whether or not she's convincing. Thankfully, India is. Marvelously so.

All the classic material is here, all the "yes Masters" and zombie blowjobs (which, I might add, are the noisest blowjobs I have ever seen... er, heard) but it's the subtle things, like how her eyes are ALWAYS staring into the distance, no matter what her chore or task, and her unnatural, but efficient, movements, that really puts her high on the list of great performers in this media. Her "yes Masters" are VERY good. It's not enough to just say them, or to even be monotone. She says them perfectly and confidently with that oh-so "come-fuck-me-now" vibe. The best material that hypno fans would like comes early on, and the movie is certainly worth getting just for those scenes, which cram enough hypno-centric content in to last a lesser video three times over.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this film. It's by far the funniest video Steve's released yet... and actually the funniest video I've seen all year. With a perfect performance by India Summers and twice more Steve than normal, it's a definite winner. I highly recommend it.


This review is by Madcap:

I just watched Steve Steele's latest video, Mind Control Marriage Counsellor, and there are many unique new elements introduced in this video that I think will appeal to a lot of people. I don't want to give away all the plot (and you can read a brief synopsis on his website), so I'll just focus on particular elements that make this one of Steve's best releases.

First of all, I must say of the lovely India Summers that she is one of the most daring actresses he's ever filmed in terms of
her "zombie" acting (I'd love to see her in more videos!). I'd say she has one of the top 3 sexiest "Yes Masters" I've ever heard in any scripted MC video; she says it MUCH more monotone than most actresses I've seen and she also says it very slowly, clearly enunciating each syllable. Another thing that she does that is unique is she rolls her eyes up as far as she can when she is in her zombie trance, so all you fans of eye rolling will certainly find plenty to enjoy there! In fact, in certain medium range shots, she almost looks like she has the "whitewashed" look for brief moments because her eyes are rolled up so high!

She gives a couple blowjobs with her eyes rolled up like this. The first one she gives to Dr. Mesmer right in front of her husband, and the best part is that she never looks at him, she keeps her eyes rolled up and unzips his pants, which really adds to the believability of the zombie scene. She gives a very loud "slurpy" blowjob, completely in her zombie state, and afterward she thanks her master with her mouth still dripping (I've never seen an actress stay in character and TALK like a zombie at that particular moment).

She is also in a very sexy maid costume for much of the video, and there are some scenes of her doing housework in an eyes-rolled-up trance. There are a couple bits of zombie walking early on, for fans of that (in the maid costume, too!), and she looks VERY good doing it (again with her eyes rolled up).

There are lots of trigger words as well for fans of post-hypnotic programming, and Dr. Mesmer tries a little experiment combining
trigger words with interesting results! After the mailman inadvertently uses the trigger phrase that turns her into a sex zombie, she has to be reprogrammed by Mesmer to change her perspective (you'll have to see how for yourself). But the final non-tranced sex scene is cleverly done, changing back and forth between reality and what her programmed mind actually sees.

I think this is one of the best videos Steve has ever shot in terms of having a little bit of something for everybody, as well as incoporating quite a few new elements never seen in any of his videos before. If you only had money to buy three Steve Steele videos ever, this would be one of the three I'd recommend.