Steve Steele Presents
Hypno Fucked 1:

The Erotic Adventures of Dr. Mesmer






Steve Steele presents Hypno Fucked 1: The Erotic Adventures of Dr. Mesmer, a collection of sexy and fun hypnosis stories, all featuring explicit boy/girl action. The video stars hot young newcomers Jackie Ashe, Alicia Alighatti and Gina Marie.

Dr. Mesmer is a hypnotist, selling his instructional DVD "How to Pick Up Girls Through Hypnosis" on a late night television infomercial. He uses his pretty lab assistant Jackie as his guinea pig, hypnotizing her with an oversized swinging paper clip. While under his power, she is felt up and stripped naked, then ordered to perform a series of embarrassing actions each triggered by either a bell, a whistle or a horn. (A very funny sequence with Jackie alternating between actions with split second timing at the whim of her sadistic employer.) Mesmer then commands Jackie to call her fiance on her cell phone. In between talking to him about her day at work she is sucking Mesmer's dick! Finally Mesmer orders Jackie to cluck like a chicken, then fuck like a chicken and a duck and a dog, even like a crab, a flounder and a turtle. Without question or hesitation she instantly fulfills his every strange desire.

In the second story young hottie Alicia is married to an irritable, incontinent septuagenarian, who used Mesmer's method to hypnotize her into marrying him. She dotes on him like a Stepford wife until she comes across Mesmer's DVD while dusting the television. She snaps out of her obedient haze and swears revenge on Mesmer for ruining her life. She breaks into the doctor's mansion and holds him at gunpoint, threatening to blow his brains out. His bodyguard saves him by zapping her with Mesmer's patented Wand of Entrancement. Alicia is then "hypno-fucked" by the two men, being zapped repeatedly by the wand to keep her in a glassy eyed, hypnotic state.

In the final story cute and naive mid-western gal Gina, travels to Los Angeles to attend a conference of the Church of Latter Day Virgins. She makes the mistake of staying with a family friend and his roommate, who spy on her while she is in the shower. Determined to have sex with her, the boys convince Dr. Mesmer to make a house call. Mesmer induces her using her own swinging rosary, then transforms her from a sweet, innocent virgin into a sex-starved slut. She satisfies all three men before abandoning her pious ways in favor of becoming a porn star. Includes an incredible sexual performance from the beautiful Gina.

Hypnosis, humor and hot sex with pretty, young ladies makes Hypno Fucked 1 an impressive feature debut. 80 minutes.

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PLEASE NOTE: No one was actually hypnotized at any time during the making of this video. All sexual activity was consensual. The video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality. Steve Steele Presents does not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.


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