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Dr. Mesmer Goes to College








Steve Steele presents Hypno Fucked 2: Dr. Mesmer Goes to College. Our hypnotizing hero is back, and now he's been given an honorary professorship at a local university. Watch as four hot coeds fall victim to his perverse libido. The movie stars sexy, young newcomers Bailey Brooks and Maya Hills and Vivid girls Lacie Heart and Tiffany Taylor.

We join the good doctor in his office, where he now conducts experiments in mind control, using advanced technology. His cute lab assistant Monday (Bailey Brooks) has had her mind erased and then replaced with Mesmer's patented "Lab Girl' program, which has turned her into his obedient servant. He brings her to his "Passion Pit", where, completely entranced, she instantly and without question fulfills his every sexual desire, each act being triggered by a written command, emblazoned across a large, stuffed Valentine heart.

The second scene finds fellow professor, Dr. Metallus, offering a trade: one of Mesmer's "lab girls" in exchange for one of his own cleaning cyborg's. Mesmer brings Maya, a beautiful young asian girl back to his office, where he hooks her up to the "Halo of
Forgetfullness", his mind erasing device. He leaves her on the machine too long and she is reduced to a primitive state in which she is constantly sexually aroused. It takes both Metallus and Mesmer to satisfy her insatiable lust.

In the final scene Metallus holds up his end of the trade by sending a busty cleaning cyborg (Tiffany Taylor) to Mesmer. While the beautiful girl cleans his house in a robotized state, the doctor calls Lacie, the cute, blond president of the I Eta Pi sorority and invites her over to take advantage of the cyborg, while Mesmer watches. Turned on by what he sees, Mesmer hypnotizes the lesbian Lacie into liking men and has sex with both beautiful girls.

Hypnosis, humor and hot sex with pretty, young women makes Hypno Fucked 2 an entertaining and erotic sequel. 75 minutes, plus 40 additional minutes of out takes, unused, and behind the scenes footage.



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PLEASE NOTE: No one was actually hypnotized at any time during the making of this video. All sexual activity was consensual. The video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality. Steve Steele Presents does not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.

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