Attention, Bimbofication fans: Steve Steele has made a video just for you! Being more of a zombie enthusiast, bimbofication isn't really my favorite flavor of mind control, but I enjoyed "The Bimbofication of Bonnie Bunnington" starring Lexi Belle all the same, and I can mostly attribute that to the actress, who does a fantastic job of playing a convincing brainless bimbo (just look at the trailer and you'll see what I mean).

Early on her character is a bit of a prude, but after a dose of Hugh Hypno's special hypno pipe smoke, she has a total change of attitude. Lexi gives a very enthusiastic performance, and she's ridiculously cute the way she repeats everything Hugh says like a brainless ditz.

This video features a self-masturbation scene where she becomes a full-fledged horny hypno bunny upon orgasm, an enthusiastic blowjob where she thinks she's sucking on his "carrot", and even more enthusiastic scene where she rides Hyp's face, and, you guessed it, an enthusiastic sex scene (almost violently so!) where she rides him while saying things like "hippity hop". She's almost too intense for poor Hyp to keep up with!

If you're into bimbofication at all, you'll definitely love this movie, but don't take my word for it--check out the trailer, and if you like what you see there, or you find it amusing, you'll find a whole lot more of that throughout the entire video!